How to Organize Effective Meetings

Most of the people think meetings eat productive hours. They think organizing meetings are waste of time. But there are some ways to run effective meeting in the organization. So People will have energized and excited about their work.

Here are some of the tips to organize effective meetings.

1. Have a clear Agenda/Objectives:

  • This is most important for every meeting. Don’t even think about sending calendar invite if you don’t have a clear agenda. It will kill productive hours.
  • Agenda should contain topics we are going to discuss in the meeting. It should point the clear objectives of meetings. If we don’t have a clear objective, it’s a waste of time for everyone!
  • It would be great, even it should point each and every person what they need to prepare before coming to the meeting.

2.Calendar Invite:

  • Once you prepared the agenda, we should send a calendar invite to the people who are all needed for the meeting.
  • It’s good to send calendar invite at least 24 hours before the meeting. So that people can well be prepared for the meeting.
  • We can send meeting agenda along with calendar invite.

3. Stick to your Schedule:

  • We can analyze and schedule the perfect time interval for the meeting. Some time it may take 5 more minutes or it will be over before 5 minutes. This should be fine!
  • But if we schedule the meeting for 1 hr and if it takes 1 ½ hr, then there is something wrong in the agenda. we should be allocating the perfect time for the meeting. because some people may be busy with some other meeting at the same time. So we should start and finish the meeting on time.
  • When you start the meeting we can put the agenda in the screen / board. In that case we may not miss any items to discuss in the meeting.
  • If you call the meeting @10 AM, then you should start the meeting at exactly 10 AM. you don’t want to start 5 minutes ahead/later.
  • You don’t want to go and call the people again personally for meeting. If the person is not available on time, we don’t want to wait for them. because it frustrating for everyone.

4. Invite only necessary people:

  • When you send a meeting invite, you should clearly define who are all need for the meeting and send invitation only to those peoples.
  • Don’t send meeting invite to any other people, if they are not required for the meeting. Because it will waste their time. Make sure you respect everyone’s time.
  • If you feel if the person wants to know the status of the meeting, you can send the meeting minutes to them once the meeting is finished.

5. Everyone get a chance to talk:

  • We need to give the opportunity to talk everyone in the meeting. Also we need to consider everyone’s view in the meeting.
  • We need to listen when people talking in the meeting. If we didn’t listen them, they feel very frustrated and they think it’s a waste of time.

6. Meeting Minutes (Minutes of Meeting – MOM):

Once the meeting is finished we need to send an email to every participant about what we discussed in the meeting.

  • MOM should also contain the following,
    What are all the things we discussed?
    What is the action items?
    Who is responsible for each action items?
    What is the dead line for each action items?
    When is the next follow up meeting?
  • It’s good if we can send the MOM within 24 hours after the meeting conducted.

Meetings are truly valuable and productive, if you follow the above tips.

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