How to plan better One-on-One meetings

The one-on-one meeting helps an organization to meet the goals. One-on-one meetings usually happen between employees and managers. It helps managers to talk with the employees and discuss the issues and concern and make a better relationship and achieve their goals.

The one-on-one meeting should be in private with employees and their manager. This is the right chance for employees to talk whatever they have in the mind.

Managers make sure your employees feel comfortable on the meeting. Managers should avoid talking about the project status and any other work. Managers make sure your employees happy in the one-on-one meetings.

The one-on-one meeting should be conducted every month. Managers should talk to the employees at least 30 minutes and discuss everything in detail and try to solve all the problems ASAP. This should be a recurring meeting. you need to plan everything and block your calendar for each employee. You can prepare the agenda for the meeting and also you can ask your employees to prepare for the agenda

Managers need to take the notes when they talk with employees to make sure they won’t miss any items discussed in the meeting. Managers should talk less and listen more. The main objective of the one-on-one meetings is to solve all the problems before it becomes a big issue.

The key to a good one-on-one meeting is the understanding that it is the employee’s meeting rather than the manager’s meeting. This is the free-form meeting for all the pressing issues, brilliant ideas and chronic frustrations that do not fit neatly into status reports, email and other less personal and intimate mechanisms – Ben Horowitz

You can ask for feedback in the one-on-one meeting and that helps to improve your leadership skills. You can also come up with the list of questionnaires for the meeting and ask your employees at the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, you can come up with an action plan based on the discussion and then you can plan and followup for next month.

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