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True caller

One Day I received the message from unknown number. I was checked the number with one of my friend. she also don’t have the information about the caller. then she shared the information about the True Caller.

What is True Caller:
True caller is a caller Id tracking web site. with the help of this web site you can find information about most of the callers. you need to register in true caller website to search unknown callers. you just need to enter the phone number and search, then it will show you the Person Name.

True Caller App:
True caller is available for IOS and Android Phone as a App. I just installed the True caller App in My IPhone. It’s simply super. there are so many features available in the Application.

True caller – Caller ID:
With the help of True caller App you can able to find who is calling you before you pick up. even if the number is landline or mobile, Prepaid or post paid it doesn’t matter.

Spam Blocker:
True callers gives you list of spam callers details. so we can block the spam callers in your phone. so you never pick up the unwanted calls. . When I activated the caller id It filters the spam callers.

Update Phone Book:
True caller also helps to update your phone book like Location, cellular service and also it updates the photos from the social websites. It suggest people you may know, so if you know the person and you want to know their name, you can request them the phone number right away from the true caller app.

True caller in IPhone:
I tried to install the true caller app in my IPhone. its successfully installed. now I can search the unknown numbers in the app. it gives the result for 90% of the phone numbers.

to activate the caller ID, go to settings in true caller app and the select Caller ID. You can see the button to turn on caller id. click the button and proceed to next step to understand the terms and allow true caller to access your location, camera and push notification.

To identify the callers, you can press the home and sleep button at the same time in your IPhone when call comes, then the true caller search the number and it say ‘Searching’. once it completed the search it will say the caller Name, if the search fails it will say ‘connection failed’.

I didn’t tried this yet, since I didn’t received any unknown calls after I Turned on the caller ID. if any one used this feature please share your experience.

Thanks to True Caller.


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