How to Improve the Sales in Magento


Magento is an open source E-commerce Platform and its implemented in many websites. It’s very easy to customize as per our wish. But Improving the sales is always challenging one for all the e-commerce web stores.

Performance optimization is one of the way to improve the sales. apart from the performance we need to focus the below steps to improve the better sales in our store.

Banner Slider in Home Page:
If we take the home Page, every one interested to add slider. But we need to avoid adding bigger size banners and also we need to avoid unwanted sliders. better we can add some promotional items in home page slider and also we need to hyperlink the banner to the specific pages.

Promotional Products
Below the banner slider, we can add Best sellers and new products in a slider. it’s better to keep the products only in one row and some scroller to see the next products, instead of showing all the products at once. It’s really helpful if we show the new products in Home Page. it helps to marketing the new products.

Better Search Results:
Search is very important one in all the e-commerce store. customer may leave from the site, if the search didn’t show exactly what customer is looking to purchase. so we need to go with some third party module to show the optimized search results.

Simply the Category Pages:
We need to avoid showing more number of products in same page. if the particular category having 80 products. we just keep only 20 products and show other product in next page with the help of Pagination. not only for the category pages, always we need to avoid the user scrolling the pages.

Related Products:
In Product view page, if we show the Related items, it helps to increase the sales. if suppose the user viewing the Wireless Keyboard, then we can show the matching Wireless mouse to the customer. it may impress the customer. so they can but that too.

Product View Page:
In Product detail Page, we need show some video related to the products. but it’s not necessary for all the products. if we see, they will show the embedded video for each products. it always good, if we embed video from youtube or somewhere, instead of uploading in our server.

Product Review:
Product review is one of the nice feature in Magento. but most of the customer skip to write the review. because after the purchase they don’t think about that. so we need to send some reminder email to them. at least we need to follow them for a month.

Stock Notification :
We need to try to avoid showing out of stock products in web site. its better we need to set back order option for the out of stock products. so once the items back we can ship it to the customer. also we need to set the notification in back end. so once the products going to be sold, the admin able to know earlier. so it helps to avoid out of stock.

Registration Page:
We need to simplify the registration Page. so we need to avoid asking too many information in registration pages. better we can add some social connect plugin in our store. so customer can able to login from facebook, twitter , google, etc.

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