How to prepare for Magento Solution Specialist Certification

I just completed Magento Solution Specialist certification and thought of share with my experience to everyone who wants to do the certification.

Who all can take the Exam?

Business Analyst, Project Managers, Developers, eCommerce Consultants – Who are all having real time experience with both Magento community and Enterprise edition.

About the Exam:

  • 66 Multiple Choice items (60 scored and 6 un-scored, you don’t know what are all the questions which are not considered for score)
  • 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • All questions are valid for Magento Community Edition (1.8 & 1.9) and Magento Enterprise Edition (1.13 & 1.14).
  • All questions assume the default state of native Magento installations, except where specified in the question.

What are all the areas need to cover?

Questions will be covered from the following 4 areas.

  1. eCommerce – 8
  2. Magento Architecture – 16
  3. Elements of Magento eCommerce site – 21
  4. Application of Magento knowledge to business goals – 15

Please refer Magento Solutions Specialist study guide for more details about the topics for each areas.

I would recommend concentrating more on the following areas for preparing the exam

Difference between Magento Community and Enterprise Edition

In which scenario we need to go with third party extension or custom development

Suggest better way for your customer based on the scenario

Catalog Events

Recurring Profile

PA-DSS, PCI Compliances

Catalog and shopping cart price rules

Order Processing

Multi store/Multi website setup


Table rate shipping method

Paypal payment method

Rule based promotions

Customer segments

Native cart and checkout

Customer account management

Tax management

Email Marketing

Reward points and gift card

Catalog, Product management

To prepare for the exam I would suggest you to study as a group and discuss the Magento admin feature, Magento Enterprise feature, because you will not get a chance to work/use all the Magento features in your project.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how long you are spending to prepare for the exam, it matters how long you are working on Magento. If you are using Magento for long time and you have good work experience, I don’t think it will take more than a day to prepare for the exam.

All the very best!


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